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Reproductive Freedoms
Assemblywoman Marzola is a staunch supporter of reproductive rights and freedoms for all individuals. She believes in safeguarding access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare services, including contraception and abortion, ensuring that every person has the right to make their own healthcare decisions without interference from politicians or restrictive legislation. During the 2023 Legislative Session, Elaine sponsored legislation that expanded Nevadan’s reproductive rights and protected women from being criminally charged should they seek an abortion. Assemblywoman Marzola will continue to ensure reproductive freedoms in Nevada are not disrupted and stay protected from extremist attacks.

As a first-generation college graduate, Assemblywoman Marzola understands the importance of quality education in shaping the future of our state. She is dedicated to advocating for increased funding for public schools, improving teacher salaries, reducing class sizes, and expanding access to early childhood education programs to ensure that every child received a high-quality education regardless of their background or zip code. During the 2023 legislative session, Assemblywoman Marzola was proud to vote for a record education budget which provided 2.5 Billion dollars to our education system. Additionally, Elaine voted for legislation that increased teacher pay that saw many educators receive up to a 20% pay increases, ensured every child and teacher was protected inside the classroom, and created a teacher pipeline bill to help recruit new educators and address vacancies in the classroom.

Public Safety
Elaine stands firmly behind our law enforcement officers and firefighters who put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe. Elaine believes in the availability and importance of mental health counseling services for law enforcement officers and firefighters, and she supports measures to provide our first responders with the resources, training and support they need to effectively carry out their duties and ensure the safety of all Nevadans. This past legislative session, Elaine was proud to vote for a budget that saw law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other public safety employees receive a much needed pay raise.

Elaine’s parents worked hard to immigrate to Nevada and provide for their family. Watching this as she grew up, Assemblywoman Marzola is committed to promoting economic growth and prosperity in Nevada for hard working Nevadans. As a small business owner herself, she recognizes the challenges that it can bring upon individuals. That is why she advocated for policies that support small businesses, create good-paying jobs, and invest in infrastructure and innovation to attract new industries to our state. By fostering a thriving economy, Assemblywoman Marzola aims to improve the standard of living for all Nevadans and build a brighter future for generations to come. During her time in the legislature, Assemblywoman Marzola has sponsored and voted on legislation to provide Nevada workers with paid family leave, bring good paying union jobs to Nevada, and invested millions of dollars into Nevada small businesses to help them recover from the COVID Pandemic.

Gun Violence Prevention Legislation
In response to the tragic toll of gun violence in our communities, Assemblywoman Marzola is a strong advocate for common-sense gun safety measures. She supports legislation to strengthen background checks, close loopholes in existing laws, and keep firearms out of the hands of individuals who pose a threat to themselves or others. Assemblywoman Marzola believes that we can protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens while also enacting sensible reforms to prevent senseless acts of violence.

Healthcare and Lowering Prescription Drug Costs
Assemblywoman Marzola is committed to ensuring that every Nevadan has access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. She supports measures to expand Medicaid, improve access to mental health services, and lower the cost of prescription drugs. Elaine knows the importance of increasing public health funding and infrastructure is also key to a successful healthcare system in Nevada. Assemblywoman Marzola has been the recipient of several awards for sponsoring legislation that has become the national model for increasing access to healthcare for our communities.

Climate Change
Over the course of her years living in Nevada, Assemblywoman Marzola has immense respect for the natural beauty and environment of our state. She recognizes the urgent need to address climate change and its impacts on our environment, economy, and public health. She supports policies to reduce carbon emissions, invest in renewable energy sources, and promote sustainability practices to protect our planet for future generations. Investments into combating climate change will not only create millions of good paying jobs in a clean energy economy, but it will combat the worst consequences of the climate crisis.  Assemblywoman Marzola believes that by taking bold action on climate change, we can create new opportunities for economic growth and the preservation of Nevada’s natural beauty for years to come. During her time in office, Assemblywoman Marzola is proud to have received a 100% lifetime score from the Nevada Conservation League for her work to combat climate change.


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